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I am the owner and primary massage therapist of Bernie's Massage Therapy.  My sole focus is massage therapy and pain relief; my only goal, to help you attain relief and relaxation and alleviate the physical, social and spiritual stresses caused by daily life.  I constantly upgrade my skills, knowledge and expertise through continuing education classes, professional journals, and membership in the American Massage Therapy Association, ensuring that you receive the benefit of the latest techniques when I evaluate and address your individual needs.  I have significant experience relieving suffering caused by headaches, sciatica, low back or other pain.  Even if all you need is an hour or two of solitude and relaxation, my massage therapy will provide the "time out" you need.


I have over twenty years of experience as a massage therapist.  As a graduate of The Atlanta School of Massage in Atlanta, Georgia, I will evaluate your needs and select the appropriate techniques to deliver a one-of-a-kind therapy designed to address and relieve your specific set of problems.  Each massage session will be unique, designed to address the needs presented at the particular session.  Some techniques I may use are range of motion, stretching, deep tissue work, pressure point work, or myofascial release techniques. Whatever your concerns, no matter how long you have been dealing with them, I would like to help you.  For some, this may include active isolated stretching, requiring your participation with me to achieve maximum benefit from the movement. 


I have two guiding principles: 

1)  No one has to "put up with" or "live with" pain.    

2)  Because I will use my expertise to select the appropriate massage techniques for you, you can expect at least a 30% reduction in pain or discomfort level after your first visit, and improvement in your pain or discomfort level should be felt after each treatment.


What can you expect?   A knowledgeable, well-trained, punctual massage technician.  At the beginning of each treatment, I conduct a short interview to discuss your pain and any limitations, pain cycles, current medications,  past injuries, etc.  I explain everything that will occur during your massage session.  I ensure that everything occurs within the client's level of comfort (pressure, room temperature, lotions, oils, aromas, music, etc.)  After the massage, we may discuss how to change postures, workouts, - whatever is needed to find relief and solutions for your troubles.


Please call for an appointment today.  I will do my best to help you with your discomfort. 


In Good Health,





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